Little Robin of the 1980sWelcome to Reinventing Robin- I’m really glad you’re here! 

This is me, Robin (or was me, circa the 1980s).  I may have changed on the outside, but on the inside I’m still somewhat the same introverted, nerdy, awkward girl trying to figure life out!  In the present, I’m also mom to 7 year old Little J, and wife to the Professor.

I enjoy writing about family life, mom life and care, family travel, healthy living, saving money, managing food allergies, and may often throw in some fun nerdy stuff since that’s totally me!

Not too long ago, our family of 3 lived in a huge city, which we loved.  But, we were overworked, over-committed, and over-scheduled.  I often felt like I couldn’t keep up.  The stresses of my job, being a wife and mother were overwhelming.  “Busy” was the new norm.  Was this how life was meant to be?  Shouldn’t life be enjoyable?  My health and our relationships suffered over time due to stress.

A surprising job offer and move to a small, quiet country town came out of nowhere, and we jumped at the opportunity!

Join us on this road of renewal, reinvention, and adjustment as we seek to live a healthier, more fulfilled, simple life! 

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