15+ Top Productivity Tips for Busy Moms

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Sometimes as a mom I feel like I’m so busy, but not always necessarily productive. Does that happen to you?

With so much always going on & demanding our attention, how can moms really be more productive?

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Try these Productivity Tips for Busy Moms!

Here are my favorite productivity tips to help busy moms be more productive & stay productive!

1. Cut down on clutter:

Having too much stuff can add to a sense of overwhelm & make it harder to keep your home organized. As a busy mom, if I look around & see piles of papers or things in my house, it makes me feel stressed out, have negative thoughts about myself, & sometimes just plain depressed. Do you ever feel like this?

When I go through even one pile of papers, I feel more positive & less stressed in general! Consider decluttering & simplifying possessions to make your life easier.

2. Create routines & schedules:

While it sounds kind of boring & tedious to set up, creating routines & schedules for a family is crucial!

There are so many benefits to creating routines for you & your family, you might be surprised how much a simple routine can help you be more productive & simplify your life! Establishing consistent routines & schedules can help you manage the time you have & reduce your stress.

For example, creating a morning routine for getting the family ready for the day or setting aside specific times for household chores can make a big difference.

If you want help starting a routine, Crystal Paine has some awesome courses to help you create a new morning or evening routine

If you want some help getting your mornings together fast, take this FREE 5 day challenge to a Better Morning from Crystal Paine!

Take the 5 Days to a Better Morning Challenge

Need more convincing?

Here’s how creating routines and schedules can help your family:

  1. Improves Time Management: A family routine or schedule helps everyone in the family to manage their time more effectively. By having a set schedule, everyone knows what needs to be done at specific times, & there are fewer distractions & interruptions that can slow down productivity.
  2. Reduces Stress & Anxiety: When there is a set routine or schedule in place, there is less confusion & chaos, which can reduce stress & anxiety. It can also help your kids feel more secure & comfortable knowing what to expect each day. Their emotions & behavior will also be positively affected!
  3. Increases Productivity: When everyone knows what needs to be done & when, there is a higher chance of getting things done efficiently & effectively. It also helps to avoid procrastination or last-minute scrambling- like those science projects that seem to pop up at the last minute!
  4. Builds Responsibility: Creating routines & schedules help to instill a sense of responsibility in children, as they learn to take ownership of their tasks & learn to complete them on their own. It also teaches them the importance of teamwork & collaboration.
  5. Promotes Self-Care: Creating a routine that includes self-care activities like exercise, reading, or meditation can help everyone in the family to prioritize their mental & physical health. This is so important for kids to learn while they’re young!

By working together as a team & following a set schedule, everyone can enjoy a more organized & happy home environment. Sounds great, right?

3. Delegate tasks:

This one is so hard for me! Mothers don’t have to do everything themselves, but it often feels like we do, or it won’t be done right. Delegating tasks to other family members or hiring help (if you can afford it) frees up your time & energy.

For this to really work, you might have to let some things be done not exactly how you’d do them yourself. For example, children can help with age-appropriate chores like setting the table or folding laundry, & a cleaning service or babysitter can help with household tasks.

If you can afford it, hiring help is nothing to feel guilty about– your time is important & it’s worth getting some time back to do something else that only you can do. If you can’t afford the cost right now, one option is to see if you can swap or combine chores with another mom.

Pictured is a busy mom doing grocery shopping, carrying a bag with groceries.

4. Simplify meals:

One of my favorite productivity tips for busy moms is to simplify all the meals. Meal planning, prepping, and cooking can be time-consuming & stressful.

Simplify meals by planning ahead, preparing meals in advance, using pre-made meals or meal delivery services, or a combination of what works best for your family!

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5. Batch similar tasks or piggy-back habits/errands:

This productivity tip for busy moms is so great because it really works! Try to group similar tasks together, such as doing laundry on certain days, or meal planning & grocery shopping for the week in one trip.

Or if there’s a habit you’re trying to keep, piggy-back it onto another thing you’re already doing to help you get it done. Group errands together while you’re out too, to save gas & time.

6. Set realistic expectations & don’t compare yourself:

Mothers (& others, including social media) can put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect, but it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself & what you can actually accomplish.

It doesn’t matter that Jo Jessica down the street can seemingly do ten thousand things in one day, while you might be having a hard time just getting in one meal for yourself that day.

Everyone is different & going through different things in different circumstances. Would you encourage your kids to compare themselves to others in their looks & abilities? No! Then don’t do it to yourself either!

Focus on what you can do in one day & celebrate each thing you get done. Don’t be afraid to say NO to unnecessary commitments or prioritize self-care & rest.

Flowers and leaves are behind a sign that says # take care of yourself.

7. Practice self-care:

It’s got to be harder than delegating tasks, but we all know that taking care of yourself is important for managing stress & maintaining your overall well-being.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so make time for your doctor/dentist check-ups when they’re due, exercising, relaxation, hobbies, & socializing with friends when you can.

I didn’t say all in one day, but when you can. If that means starting with something once a month, like getting together with a friend, then start there.

Set a reminder on your calendar or use a habit tracker to help you make time for yourself. Something is better than nothing, so take baby steps & don’t pressure yourself to suddenly do all the things that you haven’t had the time to do.

Start with my Self-Care Challenge on this Self-Care for Beginners post!

8. Get organized:

Using a calendar or planner, creating to-do lists, & organizing your spaces can help reduce stress & increase your productivity. I like using paper for some things like calendars & then a digital planner on my iPad for things like to-do lists.

Find a system that works for you- you might have to try a few different ones until you find what works.

There are a lot of great planners on Amazon for busy moms or you could start with my FREE printable planner below!

9. Simplify shopping:

Online shopping & subscription services can simplify the process of buying groceries, household supplies, & other necessities. I love using Walmart’s free pick up option for groceries, as we normally just buy the same thing every week, so I can use the app to quickly reorder things for pick up!

Through services like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, you can also save money on things you buy often. The more you buy, the more you save & I love that they always deliver right before we run out! This can save time, energy, & gas too, since you don’t need to make as many trips to the store.

10. Take breaks:

It might sound like an odd productivity tip, but it’s important to take breaks throughout the day to recharge & avoid burnout. Fight the urge to push on through sometimes, unless it’s just something that you’re about to finish in the next couple of minutes. Even just a 5-10 minute break can help you refocus & be more productive.

11. Get up early:

While I really don’t like this one because some people already get up early enough as it is, some claim that it works really well for them. I’m also not a morning person, so it just won’t work for me, but I do think maybe 15 minutes earlier might be a doable thing for me to work on.

Waking up a bit earlier than your kids can give you some quiet time to plan your day, exercise, stretch, read the Bible or meditate, or even just enjoy some breakfast without any interruptions.

Pictures is the desk of a busy mom trying to be productive, with a laptop, calendar, notepad, flowers, lotion bottle, glasses, pen & succulent.

12. Pre-plan and prioritize your days and weeks:

Take some time to plan out your priorities for the week & how you can accomplish them. Then each night, pre-plan your day so that you can be ready to be focused for the next day. Start with the most important & urgent tasks first, then move on to the less important ones.

13. Set boundaries:

Don’t feel guilty about saying “NO” to things that don’t align with your priorities or goals. Yes, it’s easier to say than do, but the more you get used to it, it’ll get easier.

You won’t magically find time for extra things if you’re already overwhelmed with what you’re already trying to do. Be realistic & set boundaries that can help you avoid over-committing & feeling overwhelmed.

14. Use technology:

Another great productivity tip for busy moms is to use technology! There are many productivity apps & tools available that can help you stay organized & on track.

My favorite apps to use to help me stay organized are Google Calendar, Google Keep, Amazon Alexa, Notability on the iPad, the Sam’s & Walmart apps for groceries.

Besides my cellphone, my favorite general tech tool to help me be more productive is my Amazon Echo.

As a busy mom, I love using it to keep up with grocery lists, to set reminders & alarms, turn on & off lights, adjust my thermostat, keep up with deliveries, check the weather & traffic, play music & podcasts, ask general questions to, & more! It’s such a great time saver for our whole family!

Make technology work for you & use it to streamline your tasks & daily life!

Picture shows a busy mom working on a laptop with a child in her lap. Text says 15 Great Tips for Busy Moms to Get Things Done Plus Free Printable Planner www.reinventingrobin.com

15. Set your goals:

Without goals that we’re working towards, it can be kind of hard to find motivation to do things sometimes. Having reasonable & attainable goals written down where you can see them, with actionable steps to help you accomplish them can be an awesome motivator!

They don’t have to be big 10 year goals, while those are great to have, but just start with a daily goal. You could then try a top 3, then move on to a weekly & monthly goal.

Here are some really interesting articles about how to set achievable goals & smart ways to make sure you accomplish them:

16. Bonus tip, that’s kind of a given is SLEEP!!

If you don’t have enough sleep, I’m sure you know what happens to your body. We all know, but seem to treat sleep like something that’s optional sometimes. The mistake I tend to make is trading sleep for “me” time, where I just scroll through my phone, but I’m trying to break myself of that habit!

Sleep is essential, & I’m sure you wouldn’t want your kids to short themselves of sleep- so don’t do it to yourself either!

Helping Moms Be More Productive!

Productivity is about working smarter, not harder. While not every one of these productivity tips will be helpful all moms, hopefully you’ve found a few good ones.

Regardless of what anyone says though, don’t forget to take care of yourself & prioritize what’s most important to YOU & YOUR family.

What’s your favorite productivity tip for busy moms?? Share it in the comments below!

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Jane Austen Bag – 9″ Zipper Pouch for Pencils, Tools, Cosmetics and More
AeroGarden Harvest Elite In-Home Garden System
She Said It Best: Jane Austen: Wit & Wisdom to Color & Display
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