Valentine’s Day Class Party Bookmarks! [FREE PRINTABLE]

Valentine’s Day Class Party Bookmarks! [FREE PRINTABLE]
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Valentine’s Day class parties are coming!

I’ll be honest- class parties are tough for me.

First, if they’re going to have food, I have to be concerned about potential allergens for Little J. He has at least 5 food allergies that we know of. And of course they’re going to have food, who doesn’t have food at a party?

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Second, while I’m glad that Little J gets a time to have some fun with his classmates at a party, it’s a struggle for me to think about what he might bring. I enjoy being creative and so does Little J, so I see this as a fun project to do together.

At the same time, it may end up taking forever and being 50 times harder than it should be.  So what to do? My husband says I think too much about it, and he’s probably right! But I have a solution to that.

Little J has been reading a LOT lately (his favorite series right now are Battle Bugs and Magic Tree House), and he needed some bookmarks. (He likes to read books from both series at the same time.)  We found him a cute one with a gorilla on it at a bookstore the other day, but I was surprised that they didn’t have much of a selection of kids’ bookmarks.

As I was thinking about school Valentines for his class party, I swore to myself I’d do something easy this year.  No spending time and money buying items from multiple stores, checking ingredients of candy for allergens, or staying up late trying to get them finished! (I do work a 40+ hour a week job outside the home!)

This year I have the PERFECT idea!!

Bookmarks. I’ll make bookmarks and he’ll give them to his classmates every year from now until the end of elementary school!  At every class Valentine’s Day party. I’ll just print them up, have him cut them out, write his name, and if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll laminate these suckers and he can cut those out too.

That will save me at least 4 headaches for the future! GENIUS, right??

Unless paper books are gone in the next 4 years, his classmates will always need bookmarks.  He may become known as the bookmark boy, but I don’t have a problem with that.  You could certainly be known for much worse things.

If you over-obsess about school Valentines like I do, and want to use this idea, please go ahead and enjoy the stress-less class Valentines parties to come!  Or if you just think these bookmarks are cute, I’m happy to hear that too!

Print out the number you need in color on heavy white card stock, write (or have your child write) his or her name at the bottom, cut them out and pass them out in class.  You could also laminate them and punch out a hole at the top to add ribbon or string if you like.

I hope that this makes things a little easier on you this Valentine’s Day.  I’d like to get each of you an all-expenses paid mom retreat to wherever you want, Heaven knows you deserve it!  But all I got are these bookmarks, so please download a copy or pin it for later!


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